Survey Benefits

We need your help to match health resources to West Virginia communities in need!

  • Information obtained through MATCH will help better allocate health resources to the communities within the Mountain State most in need.
  • This information will be used for local and state grant funding proposals, potentially increasing the number of grant-funded programs throughout West Virginia and in your community.
  • Grant-funds bring money into our state that can help with community health services and programing. 
  • Participating in this survey will provide information that will support health service decision-making at the state and county-levels, improving the health of our most vulnerable communities.

Participation in MATCH is essential to collect accurate information from all 55 counties in West Virginia.

It is important to remember that information submitted to the MATCH survey is confidential and non-identifiable.

Taking or not taking the survey will not change any state benefits you may be eligible to receive now or in the future.

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