Here’s how our survey works

  • All survey participants receive money for participating in the survey—we value your time!
  • Keeping your information confidential is a top priority for us. Each person’s response to this survey is anonymous. All identifying information such as home addresses and telephone numbers are removed from the information.
  • The unidentifiable information from your responses will be combined with other participants from your county. We specifically process all the answers so that no one can directly connect what responses came from which household.
  • 88,000 surveys will be mailed to randomly selected households in West Virginia.
  • About 7% of all adult West Virginians will be sampled (or 1 out of every 14 adults).
  • In 2021, we reached a 20% response rate. We’re expecting a 25% response rate for 2023—and we need your help to reach this goal!
  • After the data is collected, we will prepare a full report that will be posted at The 2021 MATCH Findings Report is posted at This report fully details the methods used to most closely represent the actual adult population of West Virginia and in each of our 55 counties. Contact us at with questions on how the survey works!
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions about MATCH.
picture of people on a bridge
Photo Credit: WV Tourism