MATCH Partners

The MATCH survey is a partnership between West Virginia Department of Human Services (DoHS) and the West Virginia University (WVU) Health Affairs Institute.

Collectively, the WV DoHS bureaus for Medical Services, Behavioral Health, Family Assistance, Social Services, and Public Health administer a variety of programs and services that affect the lives of 100s of 1,000s of West Virginia’s children and adults.

  • The Bureau for Medical Services manages and directs the State Medicaid program.
  • The Bureau for Behavioral Health provides services for individuals with behavior, intellectual, and developmental concerns.
  • The Bureaus for Family Assistance and Social Services operate childcare, adult care, and early childhood services, as well as foster care and adoption.
  • The Bureau for Public Health assures and advances the safety and health of West Virginia’s residents.
  • The MATCH surveys are being mailed by WVU’s survey vendor, which is very experienced in survey administration and has superior data security and privacy protection processes.

The WVU Health Affairs Institute collaborates with state agencies and organizations to implement, manage, and evaluate health initiatives to help make a positive difference across West Virginia. Through these partnerships, the Health Affairs Institute staff is able to share their expertise and deliver services to strengthen an organization’s programs and initiatives. Their goal is to build a healthier West Virginia through successful partnerships.

The MATCH is a joint effort between these partners. The main goal is to match needs to resources — and we need your help to do that. To do this, we need to receive completed surveys from members of every county across the state. That way, your community and others throughout the state can be represented and better served as resources are available.

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