MATCH is a survey designed to understand the health and well-being challenges facing West Virginians and identify the resources needed for our communities to improve the health of our people.

The goal of the survey is to help the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources learn about and respond to the critical health needs of all WV’s 55 counties.

MATCH Overview:

  • MATCH is a biennial survey—meaning data is collected every two years.
  • First survey period: August 2021 – February 2022
  • Second survey period: October 2023 – May 2024
  • 1 out of 14 adult West Virginians are randomly chosen to participate using a large database of WV residential addresses.
  • If selected to participate, you will receive an invitation with a choice of how you would like to complete the survey: online, by mail, or by phone.
  • To view the 2021 MATCH survey questions, visit 2021 MATCH Survey.
  • Information collected from the survey will be available free to the public, so local health departments, non-profit organizations, and other state leaders can use the information to improve health in WV.
  • Information submitted to this survey is confidential and non-identifiable.
  • Taking or not taking the survey will not change any state benefits you may be eligible to receive, either now or in the future.
image of people on a bridge
Photo Credit: WV Tourism